We have entered a new era in the history of humankind. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has spread throughout the world.

All countries have been affected by the virus. At the moment, there are millions of confirmed cases. This extraordinary situation leads to different consequences for the everyday life of people. We all have a lot to learn from sharing our experiences: the impact of the pandemic should be documented and studied. Your contributions can help the decision makers learn. We therefore invite you, dear fellow citizens of the Earth, to write about your thoughts and experiences.

You may write freely about what is important to you, but here is a list of prompts that might help you think about stories.

  • how the pandemic has affected your everyday life
  • experiences out of the ordinary (pleasant or not)
  • your feelings regarding your everyday life in such a pandemic
  • your proposals for the future, how should humanity organize and live
  • your present and future concerns (personal and professional)

In addition to your story, we would like to learn more about you. The information following the story below is optional, but it would help us investigate the pandemic even further.

By submitting your story, you are participating in an academic study.

The collection of data and the study is organized by:

  • The University of Oulu, Finland (vesa.puuronen@oulu.fi, iida.kauhanen@oulu.fi, boby.mafi@oulu.fi, audrey.paradis@oulu.fi, maria.petajaniemi@oulu.fi, gordon.roberts@oulu.fi, lijuan.wang@oulu.fi, simo.hosio@oulu.fi)
  • University of Maribor, Slovenia (marta.licardo@um.si, bojan.musil@um.si, tina.vrsnik@um.si, katja.kosir@um.si)