Add a COVID-19 Study

One day, hopefully not too long from now, we will no doubt look back to see how the academic community responded to the pandemic.

At, our aim is to now crowdsource a list of all studies that collect data from the general public: surveys, interview studies, mobile solutions of all types, other new applications — literally any ongoing studies that rely on data collection from people.

This central repository also acts as a great starting point for collaboration between different research groups that share interests.

If you are a researcher running a COVID-19-themed study that fits the description above, please list it below. Or if you’re not a researcher but know of studies that should be listed here, feel free to either add it yourself or ping the researchers to do so.

The details entered in the form will be published in the list of studies, so please ensure that the description is clear and inviting! Chances are, we will be able to increase the number of participants to the studies through this centralized, crowdsourced effort.