List of COVID-19 Studies

Below you can find a crowdsourced list of COVID-19 studies that all rely on volunteer-contributed data. You can help by sharing this list online on social media to help people around the world find and contribute to these studies.

    Encounter is a free, cross-platform (Android & iPhone) application that allows automated, private and secure contact tracing without servers or infrastructure deployment requirements. Encounter is an automated, privacy-aware, non-siloed co-presence contact tracing logging tool that could be useful to tackle the spread of this and future virus outbreaks. Organised by: University of Oulu (Finland), University …
  • Experiencing the Pandemic
    Stories of the pandemic in a very open-ended format. How has the pandemic affected one’s life? Organised by: University of Oulu, Finland and University of University of Maribor, Slovenia Read more at: Keywords: Qualitative, open-ended, survey, pandemic, covid-19